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Returns Policy

Although Grandiflora takes great pride in the quality and freshness of our products, there is no exact science to predict exactly how long our flowers will last.

In addition to flowers being fragile and perishable products, there are many variables that can impact their longevity. They will react to their immediate indoor environment (eg. air conditioning and heating) and external weather conditions (such as extreme heat). Once our product is dispatched for delivery, a number of changes in their surroundings may also result in reduced longevity that is out of our control.

If you are concerned about the freshness of your flowers, please email a photo to flowers@grandiflora.net and we will be in touch.

These five simple steps will assist with the longevity of your flowers:

  • Cut Stems
  • Put in Cold Water
  • Keep in a naturally Cool Area
  • Repeat as often as possible
  • Keep away from Air-Conditioning and Heating